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Coach Booth Staff Photo

Kennesaw State

Dalton State - Early Childhood Education (K-5)

                  - Health and P.E. (K-12)


We do not say, "We can't!"

We say, "We can or we can try!"



I am Mr. Booth!  I am married to Jennifer Booth and we have 4 wonderful children.  Harper is our oldest daughter and she is turning 8 in March of 2019.  Brody is our son and he will be 5 in July of 2018.  Our 3rd child is Hallie and she will be 3 in September of 2018!!!  Our newest member is Barrett (Bear).  Bear turns 1 yr old November 28th of 2018.  We also have a 4 lb. Yorkie named, "Boston".

Teaching children is not a "job" to me.  I teach because I love to interact with children and try and put smiles on their faces.  I hope to impact as many young lives as possible in order to help shape our future generations.  I help pull students in the right direction to keep them on a track toward graduation but I also help children realize how important relationships are in life.  Having people skills early in life will save students from hard situations that will come their way.  If a child is super talented and brilliant but is angry, rude and doesn't play well with others... that child is going to have many difficulties in life.  A child that struggles in school but has great character will eventually gain the academic knowledge but go so much farther in life because of a great attitude!  One positive and fun loving child can change the world!!!

I am excited to meet you and I hope you have a wonderful year!