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Other Class Info

Bucket Filling  

Bucket Filling!

Students earn "pom-poms" when they "fill" someones bucket.  We fill buckets when we are nice, respectful, helpful, encouraging, and friendly to others.  We all fill buckets by following school and classroom rules and routines.  Every Friday, the students are able to trade in their pom-poms for a class coupon to use in the classroom during the week.  They can decide to trade or save coupons!  The following is a list of our class coupons.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write me a note.  I will be happy to explain this program more in depth to you.

1 pom-pom:  treat jar or no shoes in classroom

3 pom-poms:  hat day or Calendar teacher

5 pom-poms:  pajama day or show/share

7 pom-poms:  extra computer time or homework pass for 1 night

9 pom-poms:  teacher-buddy lunch (T or TH) or Favorite toy at recess

11 pom-poms:  sit in teacher's rocking chair at meeting area


Sometimes, students may have to give back a pom-pom if they continually  "dip" in someones bucket.  They are always able to earn it back!


Monday - Music

Tuesday - Computer Lab

Wednesday - Library, Guidance, or Art

         *Second graders can check out two library books.  Please help your child read     these at home and bring them back to school everyday!

Thursday - PE (wear tennis shoes)

Friday - PE (wear tennis shoes)


Transportation Changes and Notes to Teacher  

Please send in a note if you want to change how your child will go home that day.  I can not take changes over the phone.  It must be in writing.  Please let your child know if you put a note in their agenda.  The students unpack their bookbags and agendas by themselves in the morning.  They turn in transportation notes and anything else to me in my pink basket.  If you are sending money, please put in an envelope and put my name and room 805 on front.

If your child must be absent, please send in a note from you or your child's doctor explaining the reason for their absence.  The office will determine if the absence either excused or unexcused.


Weekly Homework  


Monday - Write spelling words 2x each

                Monday Math facts

Tuesday - Rainbow spelling

                 Tuesday Math facts

Wednesday - Spelling sentences

                       Wednesday Math facts

Thursday - Study spelling words for test

                   Finish Math facts

Friday - Have a great weekend!

Weekly Tests  

Every Friday we will have our spelling and math facts tests.  On the weeks we do our Daily Language Review, they will have their test on Friday too.  I also give weekly Quick Checks for Language and Math skills.  They are counted just like a test.  I give letter grades as well as standards based grades.  Standards based grades are Working Towards (80), Meets (90), and Exceeds (100). Each of these levels have a rubric for the students to see and work for.  For more information and understanding, please contact me and I will be happy to explain in further detail.