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Lisa Hamontree Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

Daily Schedule

7:30-7:50     Bus Room

7:50-8:05     Morning Routine

                    1.  Unpack bookbag and agenda.

                    2.  Turn in notes to Mrs. Hamontree's pink basket.

                    3.  Turn in Homework to HW basket.

                    4.  Make lunch choice.

                    5.  Go to Meeting Area for calendar and Mtn. Math

8:10-8:30     Morning Meeting

                    *Calendar skills and Mtn. Math Review

8:30-9:45     Reading Workshop

                    *Reading Minilesson, Word Work, Read to Self/Snack,

                      Read to Someone, Guided Reading, and Listening to Reading

9:45-10:30   Specials

10:30-11:30  Language/Writing Workshop    (I alternate weeks)

                    *Minilesson/Language Treasures/Daily Language Review


                    *Minilesson/Write-to-Win/Writing Process

11:30-12:00  Math Workshop

                    *Math Skills Review/Minilesson/Round 1

12:05-12:35  Lunch

12:35-12:45  Bathroom Break

12:45-1:30    Math Workshop continued

                     *Rounds 2-4

1:30-2:00      Recess

2:00-2:20      Wrap Up

                     *Write homework in agendas

                     *Get packed up to go home.

2:20              Meeting Area

                     *Get pom-poms earned for the day!