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Parent Information 

Welcome to the ABC's of Kindergarten

AbsencesIf your child is absent you must send a note the first day your child returns to school indicating the reasons for your child’s absence.  The notes will be kept on file at school. After an illness, your child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school without the aid of medication.

Arrival - Students can begin arriving at school as early as 7:15am.  If you choose for your child to arrive at this time, please send him/her to the cafeteria.  No students will be permitted to enter classrooms until  7:30 am. We are requesting Kindergarten students to arrive no later than 7:45am.  This allows children to unpack, make a lunch choice and then become settled before the school bell rings  at 7:55.  Students that arrive late must receive a tardy slip in the office before attending class.

*If your child has a change of an afternoon departure, we must have this information in writing. Please write a note to your child’s teacher in the agenda.  Without a note, we will continue to send your child home as usual.

Breakfast: Each  morning breakfast is served in the cafeteria. In order to be sure your child is served, please have your child in the cafeteria by 7:45am. 

Conferences-  Conferences will be scheduled throughout the year as needed.    Please feel free to send in notes or email if there is ever a question or parent need. My email is .  Also, please remember that during school hours, I will not be able to meet with you if you drop in unexpectedly as this creates a loss of valuable instruction time.

Discipline Plan: During the school year we will emphasize positive reinforcement. Please encourage your child to do his/her best each day while at school. You will receive daily reports of your child’s behavior in his/her folder

Dress: The Kindergarten day is filled with many different kinds of activities.  Dress your child  casually and suitable for running, jumping, climbing, gluing, painting etc.   We encourage all Kindergarten students to wear tennis shoes each day.  We play hard and always want to be safe! If your child is without proper footwear, he/she will not participate in  P.E.  If you have further questions about the dress code, please refer to the school calendar.

Folders The kindergarten teachers have a system for parent-teacher communication.  Each child will be given an agenda and a homework folder for papers.  The homework folder has two pockets that are labeled to help your child understand what is for homework and what is to be left at home.  A calendar with monthly events, snack schedule and birthdays will be included.  Be sure to send the folder and agenda to school everyday.  Please sign the agenda daily.  This will be our way of communicating back and forth on a daily basis.

Homework-Homework is as important in Kindergarten as it is in other grades.  Written homework will be sent home Monday-Thursday. Homework will be a review of skills taught in class and should be returned the next school day.  Please make time each night to read with your child and review daily work.

LunchWe will be eating lunch each day at 10:55 I will be sending a note home with our specific time hoping that you and your family will be able to meet us for lunch on special days throughout the year. 

MedicationAll medication must be delivered to the school nurse. Cindy Pederson is our nurse and will be happy to help in any way possible.

Money: Each time money is sent to school, please place it in an envelope or a zip lock bag.  Write your child’s name on it, my name and the purpose of the money.  Also, include your child’s lunch number.  I sent the lunch number home the first day of school.

School Records: Make sure all records are complete for the school files before school begins.  Please keep us informed of any changes throughout the year.

Snack: We try to have a snack during the day. You may send a snack with your child every day. I try to provide a small snack for everyone. I understand that some days everyone may forget to send in a snack for their child. If you have an extra box of gold fish, fruit snacks, etc.  I would be grateful!  Some healthy snack suggestions are small fruit, crackers, popcorn, pretzels, trail mix, applesauce and pudding. 

Specials: Your child will attend Music and Physical Education. Our Guidance counselor will visit our class once per month. We will also visit our media center each week.  While we are there, each Kindergarten child will be permitted to check out a library book.  Please allow the books to “spend the night” in the book bag each evening. 

?’s: If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call, write, or email me.  It is my pleasure to ensure a positive environment for you and your child.  I look forward to a wonderful year in Kindergarten